First Time

Coming from a poor family and having a afterthat did not fish iI made it to adult hood before my first at age 21. It was a business trip with Austin Packing company when I was with a food broker that handled their 3 pigs sausage. My first trip to the Island and saltwater fishing. It was a fun and exciting trip and Iwould love to say it was love at first sight, but iI surprised my emotions because as a newly web I new it was not a life style I could afford. Years later when my son was 12 years old and I had a comfortable income I stumbled upon a business card for a fishing guide and decided to treat my young son. Arriving on the Island brought back my memory of that first trip and with luck it was a wonderful day with full boxes of fish and days of smiles on my boys face. Within weeks we owned a boat and have explored the waters from Golden Meadow to the Island weekly for the last 25 years. The Island and surrounding not only provided me with many days of personal pleasure, it has served as a bonding point for a father and son. May we all realize what a jewel we have and take steps to save it for all the sons and daughters for future generations!