Restore Grand Isle

Hurricane Ida Recovery

The Grand Isle Garden Club and the Friends of Grand Isle (FOGI) have joined efforts to raise funds to help the recovery and rebuilding of Grand Isle following Hurricane Ida. They have donated a combined $30,000 to the town for numerous recovery efforts, including buying needed supplies and equipment. They are also bringing in supplies, such as generators, AC units, wheelbarrows, shovels, lumber and dampRid to help people gut and make repairs to their homes.

As needs arise, they are finding ways to assist the town and residents, such as bringing in supplies to fix flat tires that are a constant problem for those rebuilding the island. In a separate effort, the Grand Isle Garden Club purchased and distributed 2,000 pounds of food and supplies to help residents in Grand Isle. The items, which included medical supplies, baby diapers, food, milk and juice, were delivered to residents on the island. 

Please join the effort to restore Grand Isle.  All proceeds go directly to the restoration and rebuilding of Grand Isle.


Grand Isle Garden Club Hurricane Ida Recovery Fund

Grand Isle Garden Club
c/o Ronnie Sampey, President
P.O. Box 817
Grand Isle, LA 70358

Friends of Grand Isle

Friends of Grand Isle, Inc.
c/o Robbie Schexnailder, President
150 Ferndell Ave.
Lafayette, LA 70508