Aunt Ellie and Dad
My great grandfather bought Tropical Ice Co in New Orleans. It became Pelican Ice Co. Then my grandfather, Ted Behre owned it. Then my Dad, Dan Behre, owned it until he sold it about 5 years before he died. He worked at Pelican Ice before and after WW 2. At one point, he was a truck driver and used to deliver ice to Raceland. His aunt, my great Aunt Ellie, was a zoologist and a professor at LSU. She used to spend part of her summers at Grand Isle doing research and Dad used to visit her there. My Dad took our whole family to Grand Isle when I was a kid. Then, when I was a junior in high school, my boyfriend and I went fishing in Grand Isle. When I visited NO several years ago, I took my niece to visit the island. She went camping there with friends the following year. Every time I visit NO, I always take a trip to either Grand Isle, Yscloskey or Delacroix Isle or all 3. If I bring friends, they get to see those areas too. While my NO friends tease me, I know that those are the true treasures that Louisiana has to offer - and while my friends also get to see the city of NO, I know that the vast array of waterways and wildlife should never be missed on a trip to New Orleans. I hope their preservation continues. I will be back as soon as I can come home again. It's my family tradition.