Memories from 1956
In the first half of 1956 I worked as a Payroll Clerk in the District Office of Humble Oil & Refining Company located in Grand Isle, Louisiana (GILA for short). I was very young then & I have fond memories of my time in Grand Isle. I spent my leisure time on the beach, at T Man's Bar, the movie theater, & at the lone restaurant that was there at that time. One isolated memory I have from the movie theater is of the film breaking & the dozen or so people who were in the theater hollering impatiently for the movie to come back on, & the lady projector operator hollering back at the crowd to "keep your shirts on". Does an oil company still have an office there? If so, which company? (Humble Oil & Refining Company was replaced years ago by Exxon.) Are there any old timers left there that remembers life in that time period? I'd love to get some feedback.