Riding out the storm
My ex husbands Mom and Dad spent many a summer vacation at Grand Isle. One time as we camped on the beach a very bad storm came up the winds were whipping the tents badly and lightening was striking close by. My Mother in Law was a praying lady. We were all crammed up in the cab of the truck and she was rebuking and praying. This was in the late 1970s. Oh how I loved crabbing off the shore and she loved to fish for specks. That was some good eating when she fried it up with some fresh shrimp on the Coleman stove. Hard to pick one memory though another comes to mind when my sis in law saved my life. We had waded out a little ways in about waste deep water and next thing we know a bad riptide is rushing hard around us. She was a strong yet petite lady she pushed against me with all her strength to keep me upright. I would have probably drowned had she not been there to hold me up. I hope to go back someday to go fishing.