The beach is closed from Pompano Lane to Boudreaux Lane.
Callan Marine:
The Dredge General MacArthur continues dredging. Callan Marine will have the beach area and crossovers from BOUDREAUX Ln to POMPANO Ln closed at this time. Our current discharge location is approximately 1,000’ West of Boudreaux Ln. Callan Marine will have cones, signs and fencing around the perimeter of the work area.
Additionally, Callan personnel will be maintaining ALL crossovers on our pipeline throughout this week to ensure traffic can continue safely on the beach. In the case we need to repair a crossover on the East end of the island we ask that the pedestrians please be aware and steer clear of moving machinery tracking on the beach. Callan will have personnel that will escort the machine down the beach if any issues may arise.
Five-S Group:
Five-S continues construction on 5,000’ of the dune clay core from Pompano Ln to Boudreaux Ln. We currently have the access points along this dune section closed off. Crews are stitching geotextile fabric on that dune section and capping it with sand. Heavy offload trucks continue hauling sand from Boudreaux Ln and heading West to offload in the work area. We anticipate completing 3,000’ of this first 5,000’ reach by the end of this week weather permitting. Five-S does have fencing installed, which will restrict golf carts from crossing over to the beach.