Teams are still moving debris and sand from the roadways. Please be mindful of crews working on roadways and use caution.
When putting debris by the sides of the roads, grouping debris by category will expedite the cleaning process. (See image)
The main leak from Lafitte to Grand Isle has been located and is being repaired. We expect to have it fixed in a few days and water services to be restored for the East End of island to Cherry Lane. Meanwhile, Cherry Lane to the West End of island, teams are still assessing damages and working to get water flow restored in that area.
We have supplies and resources at the Grand Isle School down Ludwig Lane. Please only take what you need.
We will not have any meals for tomorrow at the multiplex for lunch or dinner. We have open dates for anyone who wants to come cook for the community. Contact Ms.Carol to be put on the schedule: 985-398-0017
Thank you!