Last week the town of Grand Isle took strategic measures to protect the lives, health and well being of its citizens, residents and those sheltered in place in Grand Isle due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

After Emergency Declarations at the municipal, parish, state and federal level and under the authority of Louisiana Laws and the Louisiana Homeland Security Act we were forced to take action closing Grand Isle to many people.  As a town we greatly value our tourists, guests and residents, both full and part-time.  We look forward to being in a position in the near future to be able to adopt some less restrictive measures on residents and camp owners.

Easter weekend was a real challenge and the Police Department did an excellent job of controlling what we feared would be a population too large to provide essential services for and at a level our residents and guests have been able to rely on. While it may be quite some time before we can enjoy the company of tourists we are working on finding a wat to give camp owners access to their camps, if conditions permit.  New restrictions are being discussed.  Social distancing will be a must in whatever we come up with and it is important to remember that if we change our current restrictions it will only be if we feel this can be done while providing safety to all those involved.

Please try to remember at this time that we are all in this difficult fight against Coronavirus together. Let’s not beat up on each other or take to social media to make things worse, but let’s continue to be the strong and good people that has made Grand Isle a paradise and jewel for many, many lifetimes.