My Blue Heaven
I have been going to the island since I was 7 years old. Which was around 1970. Both my parents and my grandparents had camps on Suzy behind Bridgeside. I grew up on “the point”. No grass, just sand. You could see and walk straight across to the rocks from Suzy to go fish. Never a better time in my life. You could also ride motorcycle 🏍 which I did to get most everywhere. We were never “watched” I have no idea how myself or my little brother never drowned. We were in the water by ourselves, I had one of those blow up boats that we went all over the bay in. No supervision at all and we lived lol! It was great! Whatever I caught my grandparents fixed and we ate it same day! No “bait” to catch crabs... you need a bucket and net. Scoup them out of the surf! There was a doughnut shop not far from Bridgeside, but when you are a little kid it seemed like it took forever to get to! I have had the great opportunity to have a camp now as I am quite older to bring my grandkids to! The island is “my Blue Heaven”!