Memories with my Mother
When I was 12 my Mother remarried and we moved from Tacoma,Wa. to Houma,Louisiana. Reason being Step Father worked on the riggs in the gulf.Well the marriage did not last long before he moved on and we were there not knowing many or the area to well.So my Mom took a job at the Ramada Inn as a hostess she ended up meeting so many friendly people. I remember someone inviting us for a weekend to Grand Isle for camping. I remember my Mom smiling so much that weekend which I had not seen from her in a long time. The people were so friendly and it was so beautiful that we ended up coming back many times in the next five years before moving back to Washington. I just want to say Thank Y'all for putting that smile back on Mom's face. I am now 58 and Mom passed in 2009 but I will never forget the awesome time I had with my Mom there! Thank You, Carolyn Mae