Bird Drop
I have visited Grand Isle many times since 2005, but the last time was very memorable. It was spring of 2015. There were yellow birds everywhere, even on the beach, perched on the jetties. I knew that this was unusual. They really looked out of place with the terns, pipers and brown pelicans. I wandered into the woods next to the supermarket past an orange tree where I could see there were many more of these little bright yellow warblers. I had never gone into those woods. On the trail in there I met birders, some with huge long lenses on fancy cameras. I asked about the birds, and one of them explained that there had been a “bird drop”. He said that sometimes birds returning across the Gulf of Mexico would hit bad weather or head winds that just wore them out so that the whole flock would just drop down on the first land they encountered, and this time, at least, it was Grand Isle.