Beach Heaven or Beach Haven?
Back in the late fifties, (yes, I'm old) my family vacationed on Grand Isle. We usually stayed at Chiasson's Water Edge Cabins. I remember a movie theater was either next door, or very close by. At least once during the week that we vacationed there, mother escorted my sister and I to "the show." I can almost taste those fantastic fried shrimp poor boys that we smuggled in. There was another large building next to the regular cabins that was owned by the resort. In a time, before my time, I was told it was a "honky tonk." The building looked huge to me. It was up on pilings, close to the beach, had dressing rooms on the ground level (which were actually rented out to vacationers during periods when all the regular cabins were occupied) and huge windows that let in the gulf breeze. I think the windows had counter weights to facilitate opening them. I was happy when we couldn't get one of the regular cabins. The parents were not so thrilled, but I loved to explore the old place. So many memories. Anyway, my questions is: Was the old honky tonk called Beach Heaven or Beach Haven. Thanks for any input. 🙂