Before the storm
We stayed at Grand Isle SP in the spring of 2021. We snowbird during the winter months to get away from the cold in New York State. Grand Isle wasn't on our initial itinerary, but bad weather in certain areas that year changed our plans, and we found Grand Isle. It was one of the nicest areas and campgrounds we've ever stayed at. The folks also were so friendly. One camper gave us her special gumbo for dinner. Found a great place to get a haircut and Artie's was the first bar we actually sat in and had a drink after some of the covid restrictions were lifted. Was so sad to see what Ida did, but glad we got a chance to visit the island. We hope to get back someday. Here's a YouTube video we did of our adventure. If you have any trouble viewing it, just go to "Geezers on the Go" and click on the link.