Christmas in Grand Isle!!!!!!!!
I visited your wonderful island in Dec of 2014. I took care of my father the last 4 months of his life. [died 11-04-2014] It was the house we built after a tornado took the one I grew up in, and seriously injured my mom.[passed 1-14-2014] tornado 11-17-2013. After two years of Hell I needed to kick back in the worst way. Stress level was to the MAX. I knew it was an off season for fishing but that was ok,.I needed to get away from the destruction of my home town and let things settle down in my mind. Grand Isle was the perfect place. The people were so friendly we found a place to do laundry on Christmas Day then the owner came in and gave us our Quarters back, sweet girl! Then we went crabbing and fishing not much bit that afternoon but had a blast with the crabs, as we don't have them up here. I hope to be able to visit during the hot fishing season,... someday. But the time I spent there is a ''Grand'' memory and the stress relief I was able to get was even better. Thanks again for your wonderful town and the great time We had hope to visit again soon.