My Wonderful Summer Vacations
I grew up in Brimfield, Ohio but my mother was from Baton Rouge, LA. From my birth (1959) until I was about 16 or 17 we would go down to Baton Rouge in the summer to visit grandma and grandpa and my two uncles and my aunt. We spent one week in Baton Rouge and one week down on Grand Isle. The island was my favorite place in the world to be. In the beginning we stayed at a camp owned by the Wilkerson family and then as I got older, we would just rent a camp. The beach was awesome even after it started getting "oily" it still was a beautiful place to be. My dad would go surf fishing and the mullets would nip at the moles on his was so much fun. We would go crabbing off the bridge and then have a big "boil" at the camp. Usually several of the relatives would come down too so I got to hang out with my cousins on the beach and camp. I grew up as we all do and lived my life far away from Ohio or Louisiana but my memories of Grand Isle will never go away. Beautiful people and beautiful island! Thanks for the memories that will last forever!