From Grand Island to Grand Isle
Greetings from Nebraska! We recently had the opportunity to spend several days with you all down on the island - it was absolutely beautiful, and we so enjoyed everyone's hospitality. It wouldn't take much to convince us to become full time residents. My son desperately wanted to get hooked into a 'real' fish this year after losing some of his enthusiasm for catching blue-gill at our local pond. We came to Grand Isle as part of our photography business, and had the opportunity to get out on the pier one calm afternoon. Being from Nebraska, we've done our fair share of fishing from the shoreline, so being up above the action was great fun - a couple of hardhead, a cute little drum, and a few stolen baits later, we'd already spent several hours up there laughing and talking to the exceedingly polite residents who ventured out to see the ocean. My son was standing by his pole as we all pointed out dolphins on the horizon when, just like in the movies, the pole bent in half, the drag whined, and the line took off. It was unlike anything that he'd ever experienced and for a long moment he just stood there watching it - absolutely transfixed. Only when the pole threatened to fly off into the ocean, did he grab it and lay into the biggest fish that he'd ever had on. It was worth every moment of the drive down to you guys to see he and the fish fight for bragging rights. From way up on the pier, we caught glimpses of the fish in the water - fins and splashes and ominous stretches where it disappeared entirely. In the end, Nick landed a 31" red drum, by far his largest fish, and without a doubt his favorite fishing experience ever. (And he's done a lot of fishing that kid.) We'll be back again in January to create photographs and promotional cinema for a local realtor and charter company, and wanted to see if you all would be interested in having us do the very same for Grand Isle itself. We'd love to put together some stunning images for your website and publications, and create a fully customized cinema(s) for you to use throughout the year as you let folks know just how beautiful it is on your shores (activities, events, lodging, and more). We've done this all over the world this year - a dozen countries and twice as many states, but we keep being drawn back to you guys. Feel free to take a peek at some of our work below, and if you're interested and making your website, publications, and promotions really stand out, we'd be happy to talk about the possibilities. All of our best! Troy, Heather, and Nick (the twelve-year old über-fisherman) 308.379.2718