For clarification, Grand Isle roads will remain open to residents and property owners indefinitely. It is our goal to keep the roads open for our community to come back and rebuild.
There are concerns that the traffic on the island will cause a slow down for the sand and debris removal from La 1 and side streets. As of now, roads are open to community members that absolutely HAVE to be in Grand Isle. If you are fixing your property or assessing your damages, please try to be on your property before 9 am and do not travel back on LA 1 unless necessary.
It is an absolute priority to get our infrastructure restored. Clearing our roads and side streets is the foundation of our restoration process. Please do not park on LA 1 or slow down traffic by trying to take pictures. If it does get to a point that roads may be closed again, we will give advance notice and post an official update on our town website ( and/or Facebook page.
We appreciate your cooperation.. we are in this together. #GrandIsleStrong