At today’s meeting, Town Leaders and Emergency Operations Leaders discussed progress.
We would like to THANK the community members who came in today and stayed off of LA 1 as much as possible. Our teams were able to work with minimal slow downs.
Sand Removal Update: Sand located on private property is not an area that can be cleaned by our teams. We can not go onto personal property to remove sand. If you would like to move your sand to the side of the roads (separate from debris), we can pick it up from side streets and relocate. If you want to keep sand on your property, you can, but you CAN NOT take sand off of Grand Isle. It is against the law to take off the island.
Water update: Water is still not flowing on the island. We have contractors that are working to fix several breaks in the line. We are hoping to have water restored in the next few days and will update as soon as we have new reports.
Natural gas update: Our natural gas systems from the East End to the community center has natural gas. We are working to have natural gas to the multiplex by tomorrow. IMPORTANT: DO NOT TURN ON YOUR NATURAL GAS METERS. Allow for the Grand Isle Gas Department to open it safely. If not turned on properly, it can be hazardous and very dangerous.
Supplies Update: We have our supply and resource center set up at the Grand Isle School. To avoid traffic on the highway, we will be distributing supplies. Please call Ms. Carol Doster for supplies at 985.398.0017.
FREE GAS will be given tomorrow at the Catholic Church down Ludwig Lane from 6-8pm (curfew will be extended for the community to get gas). 10 gallons per person. Must bring your own gas can. Donated by Houma/Thibodaux diocese. Thank you!!!