Town Officials and Emergency Operation Leaders met to discuss the progress of restoration efforts.
Removal of sand is still being continued, but with the weather we have been receiving it has made it very muddy and a little more difficult to maneuver around. We are still advising that you use trucks or SUV with 4WD capabilities.
Be cautious of the approaching weather with higher winds that may cause flying debris.
Supplies update: Supply and Resource Center is located at Grand Isle School. Please use Trojan Lane. If you have any questions call Ms. Carol Doster at 985.398.0017. Bagged ice is available at Deans Shrimp Shed located down Cypress Ln.
Water Update: Delay in restoring our water system due to the extent of the damages. We have 2 barges being filled to supply the island with household water only until the main lines are fixed. The barges should arrive within 3-5 days.
With the recent complaints about camps being broken into; be advised after the storm passed search and rescue teams were dispatched to locate anyone that may have been left/stayed behind that may have needed medical attention.
We have a strong presence of Police that are patrolling Grand Isle.
For emergencies call 911
Non-emergencies call 757.212.3316