WATER: As of today, the main waterline from Lafitte to Grand Isle is still being surveyed for damages and crews are planning repairs as needed. The waterlines from the East End of Grand Isle to Cherry Lane are in good condition. The rest of the island suffered major damages will take longer to assess and repair. As the assessment continues, we will be testing waterlines from 4pm-8pm. This does not mean water will be running the duration. It means we are testing and water is not guaranteed.
SAND REMOVAL: The crews have moved over 250 loads off of the roadways and progress is still continuing. Please stay off of LA 1 as much as possible.
OCCUPATIONAL LICENSE: Must be acquired for any business being paid to work on Grand Isle. (Please refer to previous post for details)
BUILDING PERMITS: must be acquired for repairs. There will be no fee for permits, but you must have one to begin renovations/demolitions. (Please refer to previous post for details)
SUPPLIES AND RESOURCES: The Supply and Resource Center is located at the Grand Isle School. Please use Trojan Lane. If you have any questions call Ms. Carol Doster at 985.398.0017