Sand and Debris Removal:
Crews are continuing to remove sand and debris. If you are able to sort your debris into categories such as construction debris, large appliances, vegetative debris, etc. This will help speed up debris cleaning process. We have contracted crews going around to pick up sand from side of highway and side streets. Please note, Sand on Grand Isle is a lawfully protected natural resource and can not be taken off the island.

The water leak from Lafitte to Grand Isle was temporarily fixed with a clamp. After workers clamped the break in the line, the pressure was not functioning properly. That indication led to the unfortunate findings of more damages in our main water line. Divers and crews are working as promptly as possible to fix the new issues, but these are major issues that will take some time to fix. We have no tentative date of completion for this project. Until then, we will continue to barge in water.

Natural Gas:
The natural gas lines are functioning properly from East End of the island to Ludwig Lane. Crews are continuing to assess and repair damages.

Crews are working to restore substations on the island. We have a long road ahead of us to restore power back to the island but we have a large tasks force on this issue. Please be aware of the pink markers near sides of the roads. Do not place debris near or remove these markers.

Food and Resources:
Our resource center is open down Ludwig Lane at Grand Isle School. We have PLENTY of cleaning supplies, MRE, toiletries, batteries, and etc. We will not have hot meals today. We do have hot meals scheduled for Wednesday, Sept 22 for lunch and dinner. If anyone would like to be placed on a schedule to cook for the community, please reach out to Ms. Carol at (985) 398-0017.

We are having issues with traffic going too fast down side streets and main highway. If you are caught speeding, you will be ticketed. Lots of water remains on the roadways along with debris and sand on the side roads. With crews working the whole length of the island, it is critical that everyone have patience while driving and do not try to go 45 mph in these conditions. Be mindful of crews and slow down.**
We appreciate your attention and cooperation in our efforts to restore our slice of paradise.
Thank you!