In the Aftermath of Hurricane Ida, Grand Isle is Closed to Recreational Activities.

Grand Isle, a small coastal community in Louisiana, was devastated by Hurricane Ida.

On Friday, August 27th, 2021, a mandatory evacuation order was issued for Grand Isle in the wake of Hurricane Ida. She made landfall as a Category 4 storm with winds upwards of 150 mph near Port Fourchon, about 10 miles southwest of Grand Isle, and had hurricane-force gusts that extended 50 miles from the center and tidal surge to the Island.

The damages to Grand Isle are the worst that the island has endured since Hurricane Katrina.
· 80% of the island’s structures sustained damage
· 100% of the Entergy power system was damaged
· The Parish’s water distribution system was damaged.

It is because of this destruction, the mayor and town council have decided to close Grand Isle to everyone except for residents and camp owners.

“The decision to close the island was a difficult one,” said Mayor David Camardelle, “but it is in everyone’s best interest.”

There is currently 200 personnel from various agencies working to clean up the damage caused by Hurricane Ida. This number is expected to increase exponentially in the upcoming days as Entergy and its subcontractors step up efforts to restore the power grid.

The people of Grand Isle are resilient and they will overcome the devastation caused by Hurricane Ida.
As we’ve seen in other natural disasters, it is imperative that community leaders make decisions about what’s best for their residents’ safety and health before any other considerations.

“As long as there is one grain of sand on Grand Isle, we are going to plant the American flag. We are not going anywhere.” – Mayor David Camardelle