Town officials and leaders met with DOTD, National Guard, and JPSO to discuss progress and plan of action. At this time we are currently into the sand removal phase to get La 1 cleared for safe passage.
There is a lot of heavy equipment covering La 1 which makes it very dangerous for vehicles to be on the road at this time. Progress has been productive and fast paced due to absence of traffic on the roadways.
During this time, we cannot allow traffic on the roadways due to the amount of heavy equipment and loads of sand that are being moved around. We are asking for your patience as we continue to achieve our goal of clearing roadways for safe passage.
As we move through this phase, we will give daily updates at noon on the continued progress to get our roads restored and allow for the community to travel in safely.
Follow the Town of Grand Isle Facebook page and/or visit our town website for official updates. Any information given on other sites and pages can not be confirmed as accurate unless it comes for official town resources.
As a reminder, the island has limited medical resources and is still without water, gas, and electricity. Please keep in mind, if you get injured on Grand Isle during this time and need to get to the hospital, the only resource available is to be airlifted to nearest working hospital at your expense.
Additionally, JPSO and GIPD have been patrolling the streets to ensure the safety of the community and their assets.
Lastly, the Grand Isle local post office is working with their leaders to get clear direction on where Grand Isle Community member’s mail will be forwarded. We will update you as soon as we get more information.
We are working as hard as we can to restore our infrastructure and get our community members back on the island. We are in this together.