Please be careful out there. Recent incidents have our hearts heavy. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families. Everyone needs to be aware of the danger of Rip Currents at the beach. As residents and visitors head to the beach and into the water let’s watch out for one another.

What is a Rip Current?
A powerful, narrow channel of water flowing away from the beach. Rip currents typically extend from near the shoreline out through the breaker zone where breaking waves form. Rip currents can and do occur on clear, sunny days.

Think of a rip current like this – it is a natural treadmill traveling away from the beach. Rip currents can travel as fast as 8 feet per second – that’s faster than an Olympic swimmer! A rip current is dangerous because it can sweep even the strongest swimmers out to sea. For that reason, rip currents are life-threatening to anyone entering the surf.

Rip currents also commonly form around breaks in sandbars and near inlets, jetties, and piers (where they are more intense).