We have been informed that the sand and alluvial deposits left on private property are causing maintenance and drainage issues throughout the town and this notice stands as a warning that we will be forced to take action if this situation is not remedied

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ida we have made every effort to remove sand and alluvial deposits from the streets and drainage ditches in Grand Isle. Some residents and landowners have asked us not to remove the sand and alluvial deposits on their property. We are trying to comply with these requests however residents and landowners must take the appropriate action to be sure that the sand and alluvial deposits on their land do not create a nuisance situation. It is very frustrating to clear streets and ditches only to have them filled back up because the party that wanted to keep the materials did not take proper landscaping measures to maintain their property. With our limited resources we cannot continue to do the same work over and over

Our code of ordinances has a general nuisance ordinance. It is our hope that we do not have to issue notices and citations to landowners but if the proper measures are not taken by the parties who kept the sad and alluvial deposits we will have no choice

While we are all frustrated with labor shortages and other problems created by Hurricane Ida we cannot continue to allow this to occur. We are doing everything we can to return Grand Isle to the beautiful place it was before Hurricane Ida. If we continue to have issues with this sand and material we will begin issuing citations under our nuisance ordinances and we will take any other legal action necessary to remedy the situation. Please help us help you.