For clarification, Grand Isle roads will be open starting tomorrow, Friday, September 10, at 7 am. We do not anticipate closing the roads again unless a major project needs to take place. In such event, we will give everyone prior notice.

Additionally, you can bring trailers and u-hauls to get your belongings. **Check your trailers and bring spare tires for them when you travel down here. There are no services to aid you in the instance of a flat.

Campers with generators will be allowed. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you view your property BEFORE bringing your camper down. There’s still much debris all over the place. We do not want campers blocking the roadway in the instance that you have no where to park it. Do your homework before and make sure you have a clear access before coming down with your camper.

DO NOT PULL ON SIDE OF HIGHWAY TO PARK. You must go down the side streets. Be mindful that parking in the highway causes major road delays and we will still have teams clearing debris and sand on LA 1 and side streets. Do not impede their progress.

Please keep in mind, some of the side streets on the West End still have large amounts of sand where the levee broke. We are still working to clear this. It is suggested if you are trying to get on streets towards the West End bring a 4wd truck or suv.

Insurance adjusters and contracted workers will be allowed onto the island. They must bring proof of occupation and address to the property they will be working on. No miscellaneous contracting crews should be down here soliciting for work.

Many street signs are missing, which will make it hard for them to find their way. Provide them a map or pictures to help them find your property.

We are asking all residents, property owners, and contracted labor to be on the island before 9am and remain at their location until their work is done. Our teams will be continuing with their progress and traffic in the roads causes delays with our mission to restore the island.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we all work to restore the island.