As of today, 27 drainage pumps have been working. Between Jefferson Parish, CPRA and Corps of Engineers 17 portable emergency pumps have been delivered and working. Town of Grand Isle has 10 pump stations that are in place and working. Army National Guard delivered 5 stand by generators. Water is now receding on north side of island. Town employees are working by pump stations so please be cautious.

When cleaning and picking up debris place in front of property. DO NOT put debris next to gas meters, water meters or power lines. Pick up will be done lane to lane.

Thanks to all town employees and especially Chris Hernandez and all of the outside crew. Thanks to Grand Isle Police Department for patrolling the island and Grand Isle Fire Department for working together as a team.

Thanks to all residents and non-residents for your patience during this storm and after the storm because of the clean-up.

Because of the storm we have closed the beach from marker # 4 (Boudreaux Lane) going west to Caminada Pass. This crossover will be repaired as soon as possible. This decision was made because of the damage to the levee and extreme rip currents.  This will be in effect until further notice.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact town hall at 985-787-3196.

Mayor David Camardelle, Town Council Members and Police Chief Laine Landry